Enhance equipment manufacturing with precision parts cleaning solutions

Improve the efficiency of your construction and heavy equipment manufacturing processes with our heavy-duty industrial parts washers. Eliminate manual cleaning, safeguard operators from hazardous cleaners, and effortlessly meet stringent environmental standards.

Arnold Machine parts washers ensure strict adherence to high cleanliness part specifications while maintaining a seamless workflow. The innovative design and robust build ensure decades of reliable performance with minimal maintenance.


Increased Productivity

Employees can load parts into the machine and shift their attention to other essential tasks, maximizing workforce efficiency and multitasking. Some companies are utilizing robotics to load/unload the washers, further decreasing the time required to clean parts.

Consistent Cleaning

The level of cleaning stays consistent—whereas manual cleaning processes can vary from part to part and person to person.

Built to Last

Arnold Machine parts washers last 30+ years with proper spare parts and regular preventative maintenance.


Arnold Machine offers advanced technology options to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your industrial parts washing process. Our specialized capabilities allow you to customize your parts washer for your cleaning needs. 

We can incorporate the following technologies in all of our washers:


Ultrasonics in a parts washer work through a process called cavitation. High-frequency sound waves, produced by transducers in the cleaning solution, create alternating high-pressure and low-pressure cycles. 

During the low-pressure cycle, tiny vacuum bubbles form and grow. Once these bubbles reach a critical size, they collapse during the high-pressure cycle, releasing energy as shockwaves and micro-jets. This energy dislodges dirt, grease, and contaminants from the parts. 

The cleaning solution helps dissolve and remove the dislodged contaminants. Overall, ultrasonics provide a powerful and efficient cleaning method, reaching difficult-to-access areas and minimizing manual scrubbing. View our case study to see how we helped a company increase the parts per hour throughput while providing a safer and more efficient cleaning process.

Vacuum Drying

Drying items after wash and rinse cycles are traditionally complex in automated cleaning systems. Conventional drying methods like high-velocity air blow-off and hot air evaporation can't always dry parts entirely—especially those with blind holes, tapped holes, and worm trails. Vacuum drying thoroughly removes liquid from recesses and openings where air drying fails. It offers 100% part dryness when combined with traditional blow-off, regardless of intricacies.

Chemical Monitoring

Chemical monitoring automatically ensures proper soap distribution for hands-off process optimization. It keeps chemical levels optimized without human effort.

Automatic Chemical Addition

Automatic chemical addition eliminates material waste and human error by adding the precise required soap amounts as needed. The washer handles chemical replenishment automatically.

Automated or Robotic Load and Unload

We can automatically or robotically load and unload parts into and out of the washer. Automation removes the need for manual labor in the process. Read our case study to learn how we helped a manufacturer achieve a specific cleanliness level for their parts.


Parts washing machines for construction and heavy equipment are essential in preventing costly and time-consuming failures. For example, keeping a bulldozer's fuel line passageways clean is vital to avoid on-site breakdowns. These catastrophic breakdowns result in expensive repairs and jeopardize project timelines. 

Arnold Machine will design a customized cleaning system for any challenge, including complex parts and hard-to-reach areas. Our parts washing machines ensure versatile cleanliness levels, from removing oils to cleaning fuel system internals.

We’ll custom engineer a washer based on your specifications that can include:

  • Part shapes
  • Part sizes (large parts or small parts)
  • Required cleanliness levels
  • The required volume of daily clean parts
  • Nature of contaminants you need removed

Ensure peak performance, reduce labor requirements, and keep your maintenance or production line on track with our state-of-the-art parts washers.

Give us a call today to discuss the right machine for your cleaning needs, or request a quote using our online quoting form.


Watch the below video to see the high-quality build, add-on features, and impeccable engineering of the transmission parts washers.

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