High-quality. Custom made. Changing the filtration game.

Utilizing E-Systems Design & Automation, Arnold Machine integrated the filtration division in 2021 and still maintain their high-quality standards.

Our team of engineers offer custom-made automated filtration systems for companies based on customer specifications and continuously provide high-quality solutions. Our filtration systems are American made with superior craftsmanship. We design and build everything at our facility in Tiffin, OH.

No matter what system, two key features are at the forefront of our mind – process control and safety.

As in any of our custom automated systems, we collaborate with you to find the best solution for your unique challenges.

Whether you’re new to automation or have integrated other filtration systems before, we work with you from design to installation, and even once it’s up and running to provide the services you need.

 Each machine we manufacture is tested for functionality, reliability, and precision to ensure all your needs are met.

If you think something’s holding your filtration process back, we should talk. Contact us now.

We provide solutions to companies involved with:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Power Generation
  • Trucking

Some processes we can assist with include:

  • Carousel Ovens
  • Coalescing Wrap Machines
  • Embedders
  • Fuel & Transmission Filter Work Centers
  • Outer Wrap & Seal Machines
  • Pleat Welders
  • Stringers

If you’re new to automation, see our ROI calculator and resources—or case studies and guides below—to help you in the research process.