Industrial assembly automation has truly changed the way that manufacturing is done today.

We know, because we’ve been at the forefront of this shift. We have developed hundreds of automated solutions with three key things in mind: safety, reliability, and repeatability.

Arnold Machine’s fully customizable automated assembly systems are guaranteed to meet your precise specifications.

Why choose Arnold Machine for your next automated assembly solution?

Safety is paramount to us, which is why we invest in quality components and design equipment with client requirements and operator safety in mind.

Automated assembly systems are a popular method for solving production problems where assembly processes cannot be completed by an operator or if repetitive processes require precision with no human error. Although addressing these problems appears to be expensive, Arnold Machine reduces costs and cycle times by developing simple but highly effective solutions that can be implemented into your current production processes.

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Our team designs machines specifically for repeatability and process control.

All our systems are designed to limit component wear and adjustability so that over time, a machine can be adjusted to produce within its original parameters.

Part and material handling is an included consideration. Whether it’s for an automatic load or transfer from station to station, our team can apply anything from a simple walking beam to a robot to orient and assemble a part. We carefully control a part throughout the manufacturing process while maintaining its orientation to ensure proper assembly.

We guarantee optimal performance by breaking a machine down into multiple stations and trouble-shooting each part independently. This process is completed in the first phase of production and certifies that each part is capable of completing a process.

Each machine we manufacture is tested for functionality, reliability and precision. In fact, each part is meticulously tracked through a system that accounts for all failed parts, a service that has been particularly valued by OEMs and their Tier 1 manufacturers.

Our state-of-the-art facility can comply with most manufacturing standards, such as ASTM, ISO, FDA, UL, SAE and Mil-Spec.

Arnold Machine’s team has successfully developed automated assembly machines such as:

  • Engine mount assemblies
  • Appliance ring fills and seals
  • Fence post spade assemblies
  • Robotic Hydromount
  • Robotic Steering Arm
  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Football Bladder Assembly

Automated assembly applications have been utilized across all industries, and have provided integral solutions to reduce the human element, minimize inefficiencies and product waste, and increase production rates.

If you’re new to automation, see our ROI calculator and resources—or case studies and guides below—to help you in the research process.