Driving Manufacturing Excellence Through Automation Solutions.

Automating the Future, One System at a Time

Arnold Machine changes how industries automate through innovation and precision engineering. We deliver highly customized solutions to meet the most challenging of automation needs. 

Our experienced team of engineers, electricians, programmers and machine tradesmen will design, build, and customize almost any automated equipment to your specifications.

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Collaboration with our clients is key, and our unique process helps us seamlessly integrate automation equipment into your facility.

Arnold Home Expertise 500X300

Coating Systems

We specialize in designing and building customized robotic and automated spray systems to precisely apply coatings and adhesives to a wide range of parts.

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Conveyor Washer

Parts Washers

Our 30+ years of process and industrial parts cleaning experience enables us to create highly customized and robust solutions for almost any industrial parts cleaning application.

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Anti Vibration Expertise Home


We design, build and install anti-vibration component assembly equipment for many different parts.

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Machine As A Service Expertise Home


Eliminate capital investment while upgrading your manufacturing capacity and technology with our Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS).

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Corporate Clients

Arnold Machine works with customers in industries across the manufacturing spectrum. Some of our current and past clients include:
Automotive parts for OEM car parts companies

Tier 1 Automotive

We design and build a wide range of automation robotic assembly systems, parts washers, and other mission-critical systems for the automotive industry.

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Robots working on a high-volume manufacturing production line

High Volume General Industry

For over 27 years, we’ve worked closely with major manufacturers to design and create highly customized equipment for partial and fully automated solutions.

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An oil and gas manufacturing plant

Oil + Gas

Our automated equipment and machines can withstand the harshest of oil and gas environments while providing safe and reliable operation for many decades to come.

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A bus parked at a maintenance depot

Public Transportation + Road Maintenance

We provide the road maintenance and public transportation sectors with customized and rugged 304 stainless-steel parts washers to clean small and large parts.

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Check out our industries page for a more thorough list.

Case Studies

Explore our collection of case studies, blog articles and white papers to learn how our team helps develop unique automation solutions that streamline clients’ manufacturing capabilities.