Upgrade Your Technology And Manufacturing Capacity Without The Capital Investment.

With Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS), you can unlock cutting-edge equipment and technology, pay per minute of usage, and experience seamless implementation.
It's a game-changer for operational excellence, financial flexibility, and driving growth. Access high-quality machines, gain actionable insights, and receive proactive maintenance and support.
Elevate your manufacturing potential with MaaS and transform the way you do business.

MaaS vs. Conventional Purchasing


Rather than viewing this as a conventional purchase, recognize it as an investment in a holistic service package. Your commitment extends to the comprehensive onboarding process, including equipment installation and staff training.


 Envision MaaS as a strategic insourcing move. This empowers you to internalize a vital process, akin to outsourcing, but with the added control and benefits of having the outsourced machine brought in-house. This approach optimizes production control, reduces operational costs, eliminates shipping overheads, ensures stringent quality checks, all while bypassing the need to directly procure or manage the machinery.


It's important to recognize that MaaS constitutes operational expenses. This classification has a favorable implication for tax purposes. Your investment becomes a deductible expense, contributing to a healthier financial outlook.


Addressing concerns about loans and Capital Expenditure (CapEx), MaaS offers immediate value right from the outset. Notably, you reap immediate benefits through reduced part production costs, without grappling with intricate ROI calculations or the traditional hassles associated with acquiring and maintaining equipment.

Why MaaS? Unlock Manufacturing Potential with Machine-as-a-Service. Powering Growth without Capital Constraints. Let's work together. 

Key Benefits


With a flexible cost structure, you only pay for machine usage during active periods, aligning your expenses with operational needs.


Gain valuable insights into machine performance through monthly reports, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.


Only pay for shipping and installation. Access high-quality machines immediately without the requirement for substantial capital investments.


We all profit when your machine is up and running. Our dedicated service team will ensure optimal performance and address any issues promptly.


Enjoy the freedom to tailor your engagement based on your organization's unique needs, avoiding long-term commitments.


Receive replacement parts based on machine count, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Available Machines

Arnold Machine Robotic Chain on Edge 2 part Adhesive Coating Machine

The Arnold Machine Chain on Edge (COE) Adhesive Coating line is an automated 2 part coat adhesive spray line that can be either continuously moving or indexed and dwell for a programmable amount of time. The system allows for preheating the parts prior to receiving the first coat, first coat dry, second coat and final dry prior to offloading. It is designed to accommodate a wide variety of parts and apply coats to the outside/inside diameter to cylindrical parts, profiled parts, and many others. These systems are often seen in the rubber-to-metal bonding industry for applying the adhesive that adheres the rubber to the metal part.

Arnold Machine Rotary Basket Washer

The Arnold Machine Rotary Basket Washer is designed to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard or specially designed baskets and fixtures. Best suited for batch, precision and ultrasonic cleaning, typical rotary basket washers come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 basket capacities. Rotary basket machines can be configured for spray, partial immersion or full immersion; and include ultrasonics as an option.

Arnold Machine Automated Inline 6 Parts Washer

This parts washer is very similar to the Rotary Basket Washer (see above) except it utilizes automation features to streamline the parts washing process. Click the link to see a this type of washer in action. The standard MaaS option does not include robots, but they can be added as a custom feature.


How Does it Work?

Arnold Machine will build and deliver the machine to your facility. All you pay upfront is the installation and commission fee with training and spare parts being included. Users pay a rate for each minute the machine is active and available. Pay less when the machine is not in use. Pay nothing if the machine is down for scheduled maintenance or Arnold Machine responsible downtime.
Based on usage and throughput, we can determine when to supply users with upgrades if necessary.

Is it Like Leasing? 

No. Where leasing is transactional and timebased, MaaS is a partnership based on performance and the cost is truly an operating expense. Payment is only made for shipping, installation and the cost-per minute as the machine is running or available. Our machine is there for as long as you want it to be. If it's not working out, simply return it.
Arnold Machine will hold title to the machine.

What are the Requirements?

Arnold Machine will monitor the machine with an internet or cellular connection to monitor machinery performance and usage. The base system with be set-up with an Ethernet connection to be connected through the plant network to the internet.  We can add optional wireless connection or cellular connection to the eWON device.
Users are also responsible for routine maintenance, but preventative maintenance and spare parts are included in the program. If there is an issue, our technical support team will work with yours to solve any issues remotely or we will send out a service technician.

What Technology is Being Used? 

An IoT (Internet of Things) platform enables various roles of your company including - service techs, managers, and other team members -  with digital and real-time visibility to the equipment information. 
Operators or Tech can log cases and collaborate with Arnold Machine's service team - all from an integrated, easy to use web or mobile portal.
It provides the OEM teams the ability to connect, visualize, and act on the customer's issues within the defined Service Level Agreements.

Learn more about the machines available for the MaaS program, see our resources—or case studies and guides below—to help you in the research process.