Coating Systems

Automation has long been the solution to insulating industrial service providers against ever-rising labor costs and increasing the precision and consistency of operations.

Automated systems can help customers define these parameters according to the best practices for a given application, and easily repeat the process on subsequent jobs.

We are at the forefront of spray system development and continue to provide premium service to clients.

Arnold Machine specializes in customized robotic and automated spray systems that precisely apply adhesives and coatings to parts.

In spraying processes such as wet paint and adhesive application, adding automation can improve uniformity, reduce material waste, and provide significant labor savings compared to manual spraying. By reigning in the variables of the spraying process, namely viscosity, temperature, air pressure, and equipment set-up, finishers can refine their processes to optimize efficiency and quality.

Automated spraying systems not only reduce the amount of labor required for a given job, but can significantly improve finishing results and consistency between parts. Multiple types of equipment are available to suit batch or continuous processing applications and for a range of throughput requirements.

Today’s systems can be scaled to any level of production and are capable of unprecedented versatility, opening up the market to finishers who specialize in high mix, low volume work. By automating spray equipment, finishers can streamline their operations and reduce the variance that results from inconsistencies in viscosity, substrate temperature, air pressure, and equipment set-up.

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No matter what system we design for you, two key features are always at the forefront of our systems—process control and safety.

Our engineers can customize spray systems to your exact specifications and provide advice on cost-effective options.

In fact, our precise systems can reduce material waste and cycle times.Arnold Machine currently offers two types of spray systems - automated and robotic. All our spray systems can be automated for temperature control, rotation speed, spray time, fan and atomization pressure as well as gun positioning.

Automated spray systems, a modern alternative to manual sprayers, can streamline spray applications, increasing process control by eliminating overspray and longer cycle times. You can read more about the differences between automatic and manual spray processes in our dedicated guide.

Robotic systems take automation a step further by utilizing robots to manipulate spray guns to perform specific spray patterns. They can be customized with various automation and fixture levels and work with water or solvent-based materials.

Process control is automatically integrated into every system. 

It can monitor an adhesive’s viscosity, control substrate temperatures, adjust air and fluid pressures and provide repeatable spray gun set-ups. Our systems also recirculate material to reduce downtime and prevent chemicals from blocking the lines or guns.

Safety is paramount in all our equipment. Arnold Machine’s robotic and automated spray systems utilize our 100% air capture system. Our safety parameters reduce the risk of fires during operation and create a virtually explosion-proof environment.

Arnold Machine offers spray systems that are classified into four groups as well as complementary equipment.

  • Index spray machines and chain-on-edge spray machines

  • Interior diameter (ID) tube spray machines

  • Tumble spray adhesive automation lines

  • Automatic viscosity bulk mixing stations

If you’re new to automation, see our ROI calculator and resources—or case studies and guides below—to help you in the research process.