Leverage cutting-edge automation to help reduce labor requirements

Arnold Machine can add automation features to most of our industrial parts washers. Options include conveyor systems, robotic arms, and automated carts to handle part loading and unloading. 

Manufacturers can optimize labor more effectively when they automate the parts washer loading and unloading step. Operators need only be present at the start and finish of each cycle. This frees up their time to focus on higher-priority tasks.

The right automation improves workflow efficiency, increases output, and cuts costs. Let Arnold Machine's automated parts washers take your manufacturing productivity to the next level and beyond.


Eliminate Contamination Risk

Ensures consistently clean parts while avoiding the potential for contamination.

Reduced Labor Requirements

Allows operators to load the washer and walk away to handle other tasks.

Increased Employee Safety

Automated cleaning minimizes worker exposure to hazardous chemicals.

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Industrial parts washers from Arnold Machine offer robust engineering, high-quality parts, and unmatched reliability. This allows manufacturers to improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance downtime across production lines.

We can outfit most of our custom washers with some form of automation. For example, we can automate the chemical addition process and the loading and unloading of materials in and out of the washer. 

Automatic parts washers can significantly improve material flow. This is especially true if the washer is part of a larger process, such as cleaning before or after a welding operation. 

Washing automation is also beneficial before a coating application, particularly in processes requiring anti-corrosive spraying. It helps to remove oil and grease and prevents contamination from fingerprints, dirt, or debris.


Watch the video below to see the automated parts washer Arnold Machine built for a manufacturing company. The customized washer helped our client to tighten quality control and reduce labor needs.

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