Gladiator Parts Washer for Department of Transportation District Facility

A major Department of Transportation facility needed a new and durable parts washer for their maintenance department. The facility serves eight counties and over 4,000 lane miles of interstates, federal and state highways, and 1,400 bridges. 

The department maintains around 1,800 pieces of equipment, including 250 pickup trucks, 150 dump trucks, excavators, and bulldozers. Given this vast scope of responsibility, finding a dependable and efficient industrial parts washing machine was crucial. 

The Challenge: A Rusting Reality

The facility decided to look for a new parts cleaner after their previous carbon steel washer started to degrade and rust. Cleaning parts is especially important during the winter months. Road salt and grime can quickly build up on equipment, leading to increased vehicle wear and tear.

The department needed a durable and efficient front-load parts washer to meet its stringent cleaning requirements. Their ideal solution could wash parts of varying sizes while standing up to the corrosive properties of grime and salt. 

With the pressing need for an upgrade, they began searching for a superior, resilient, and efficient industrial parts cleaning solution

The Game Changer: Gladiator FRT 3650

The maintenance department representatives connected with the Arnold Machine parts washer team at a 2018 trade show. This meeting led to the district buying the Gladiator FRT 3650, the largest available front-loading rotary table washer.

The Gladiator, constructed from 304-stainless steel, could resist the severe conditions caused by the buildup of salt and grime on the equipment. The department also opted for an upgraded basket with increased fencing height to protect larger pieces of equipment. 

Gladiator FRT Features

The Gladiator FRT 3650 can accommodate a wide variety of part shapes, sizes, and weights of up to 1500 lbs. The 304-stainless steel shell won't rust (unlike carbon steel) and comes with a lifetime warranty for lasting performance.

It operates as a closed-loop system, which recycles water multiple times before requiring disposal. An optional filtration system keeps the cleaning process at peak performance. This innovative design ultimately reduces water consumption and lowers wastewater treatment costs, making it a cost-effective parts-cleaning solution.

The FRT 3650 uses a high-efficiency, eco-friendly, aqueous cleaning solution that’s much safer for people than solvent-based alternatives. Several custom water-based formulations with varying levels of rust prohibitors help prevent flash rust from occurring.

Arnold Machine can customize all Gladiator washers and inserts to meet your needs. 

Available customizations include:

  • 6” stainless steel containment ring
  • Parts tree + containment ring
  • 2nd tier table + dual 6" containment ring
  • Small Kadon basket in containment ring
  • A-Frame + 6" containment ring
  • Standard/no containment ring + small Kadon basket

Gladiator parts cleaning equipment offers a robust, eco-friendly, and efficient solution for transportation department cleaning applications.

The Triumph: Unmatched Performance and Satisfaction

The team at Arnold Machine revisited the facility three years later and found a delighted department manager. He said they were impressed with the performance of the Gladiator Parts Washer. One mechanic mentioned, "Anything I can put in there, I do. It's awesome.

The maintenance department washes everything from oil pans and plastic buckets to heavy engine parts. The Gladiator FRT 3650 held up through the harsh winter months and road salt buildup while performing flawlessly. 

Future Plans

Our visit also involved brainstorming ways to improve the washer's efficiency for cleaning unique parts and tools. Ideas included integrating "Parts Trees" on the cleaning table inside the washing system to hang challenging-to-clean components.

Gladiator industrial parts washers provide industrial-grade, customizable cleaning and drying solutions for the transportation maintenance industry. Click below to learn more about the benefits and value you’ll get from our durable, eco-friendly cleaning systems.