Custom configurations for your toughest parts-cleaning challenges

Arnold Machine immersion parts washers deliver comprehensive and effective cleaning for a wide range of components. You’ll be able to clean many different types of parts, including heavy-duty engine blocks, intricate precision parts with narrow channels, and challenging-to-clean configurations.

We manufacture our immersion parts washers in our 75,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tiffin, Ohio. Our team of engineers, electricians, programmers, and machinists will design and create a customized immersion parts-washing solution to overcome your most demanding applications.


Immersion cleaning is cleaning parts by immersing them in an aqueous-based solution for a set period of time. Several custom configurations will effectively remove the toughest grime, grease, and dirt.


There are a wide range of applications that are ideal for an immersion parts washer, including:

  • Precision cleaning before final assembly
  • Auto parts cleaning
  • General maintenance washing
  • Oil and chip removal from machined components
  • Pre-cleaning before deburring, brazing, welding, or sandblasting
  • Paint and ink removal
  • Lapping and buffing compound removal
  • And more


Our agitated immersion washers are ideal for cleaning large parts with internal passageways that may contain coolant or chips caused by a machining process. By immersing the part in and out of a tank, it will fill all the cavities and flush them out.

Moving parts through the system can be automated, continuous, or indexed and use various material-handling methods like drop baskets or other conveyor types. Once immersed, single or multiple tank stages are typical, with unlimited combinations of agitation, ultrasonics, wash, rinse, oil separation, and more.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel tanks
  • Welded pipe joints for leak-free operation
  • Heavy-duty, reliable components
  • Made in the USA quality


Arnold Machine immersion cleaning washers offer multiple options and configurations to meet your exact cleaning needs. 

Single or multi-tank configurations—The ideal cleaning process may require multiple immersion tanks, depending on the level of the cleanliness spec or cycle time that you need to achieve.

With or without ultrasonics—We recommend ultrasonics when you need to meet a tight cleanliness spec. It is an excellent option, especially on parts that have internal passageways.  Ultrasonics helps separate the “chips or contaminates” from the parts you’re cleaning.

Part fixtures and baskets—Standard procedures involve sitting parts in a basket as they undergo immersion cleaning. However, there are situations when the part needs to be “fixtured.”  Usually, this is the case for very large parts.

Oil separation—We always option an “oil coalescer” on all quotations. Our oil coalescers help separate the oil that is washed off of the parts from the wash solution. This ultimately prolongs the bath life and reduces the number of times you need to drain and clean the wash tank. 

Manual or automatic processing—Manual processing requires an operator to physically place the dirty parts into the washer, add a cleaning solution, and run the machine. Once completed, they remove the parts and dry them by hand. Automatic processing uses a computer to control the entire process.


For over 35 years, Arnold Machine has supplied many industries with our durable and heavy-duty immersion parts washers. You’ll save time and money while getting your parts their cleanest.

Give us a call today to discuss the right machine for your cleaning needs, or request a quote using our online quoting form.


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