Immersion tank washers immerse a part, or parts, into solution. The type of parts that can be immersed into solution vary from very large parts like heavy-machine engine blocks, to small precision components with small passages or other hard to clean geometries.

Moving parts through the system can be automated, continuous or indexed and use a variety of material handling methods like drop baskets or other conveyor types. Once immersed, single or multiple tank stages are common, with unlimited combinations of agitation, ultrasonics, wash, rinse, oil separation and more.

Standard Features

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel tanks
  • Welded pipe joints for leak-free operation
  • Heavy-duty, reliable components
  • Made In The USA quality


  • Single or multi-tank configurations
  • Manual or automatic processing
  • With or without ultrasonics
  • Part fixtures and baskets
  • Oil separation