8RB50 Parts Washer

A Machine That Could Meet or Exceed Cleaning Specifications


A leading heavy-duty construction equipment manufacturer approached us to improve their corporate cleaning. After experiencing failures in the field, they determined their components were not being cleaned as thoroughly as they should have been when going through their existing cleaning equipment.


Our team of engineers and technicians met with the company’s team of experts and designed a machine that could meet or exceed their cleaning specifications.

To reinforce cleanliness specifications, the engineers incorporated Ultrasonic cleaning to the wash and rinse stage. The ultrasonic transducers emit micron-sized bubbles which would travel into holes and internal passageways on the parts and explode on the contaminate, breaking them free and allowing the water to wash them away.

By adding these elements and partnering with the company’s team, we designed and built a system we were confident could routinely hold their cleanliness specification. After test runs and client approval, we installed the machine on their manufacturing floor. Once fully installed, their components were being cleaned more thoroughly, exceeding their original standard.


The client was able to Millipore test their parts and now hold a new, tighter clean spec which then became their standard, exceeding their toughest clean spec with a maximum particle size of 75 x 75 x 750 microns.


They now own over 30 similar machines being used for their critical clean applications across multiple manufacturing locations.