Rotary Drum

Rotary drum washers are used for high-volume, continuous in-line cleaning of small parts. Part motion is provided by a rotating drum with an internal helix designed to advance and tumble parts inside the drum through one or multiple stages.

Drum sizes vary from 12 to 72 inches and the height and pitch of the internal helix can be customized to meet the requirements of part geometry and the desired feed speeds. Rotary drum washers allow for spray, immersion or both and can include wash, rinse, dry, oil separation and other advanced features.

Standard Features

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel tanks
  • Welded pipe joints for leak-free operation
  • Heavy-duty, reliable components
  • Made in the USA quality


  • Multi-stage configuration (wash, rinse, dry)
  • Dual drums for part segregation
  • Immersion or spray systems
  • Oil separation