A new standard of excellence in aqueous-based parts washing

Gladiator rotary parts washers are industrial grade and have the same robust engineering, components, build-quality, and performance as our custom-built industrial models.

Our cost-effective Gladiator line of rotary basket parts washers include front and top loading rotary tables and an incline belt model. The water based cleaning solutions come with varying levels of a rust prohibitor to help prevent flash rust.

Reliable, Efficient, Versatile Parts Washing

Built to Last

You can count on your Gladiator industrial parts washer to perform flawlessly—all day, every day.

Highly Customizable

We can completely customize our heavy-duty Gladiator FRT models to your exact specifications.


Wash large and small parts for a wide range of industries and applications.

Give us a call today to discuss the right machine for your cleaning needs, or request a quote using our online quoting form.

Watch the Gladiator FRT 3650 in Action

Davin from the Hagerty YouTube video channel along with Steve Anatra from Arnold Machine demonstrate the Gladiator FRT 3650 rotary parts washer as it cleans the internals from a tore-down 440 Chrysler motor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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