Pick and Place Machines

Arnold Machine’s pick and place machines are ideal for changing or maintaining the orientation of a part with absolute control. Our team integrates different types of pick and place machines in automated equipment they are developing for clients. These could be anything from a simple system with an air cylinder to a complex system with a servo driven slide.

Pick and place machines are a cost-effective option if you have a part that needs to change its orientation from one point to another or even if absolute control during a process is required. For every application, Arnold Machine ensures that each pick and place machine is reliable, repeatable and efficient.

Reliable pick and place machines for complex part manipulation.

Pick and place machines are commonly integrated into large automation processes we develop for clients. For example, we had a client who had a fence post system that organized and cut posts into different lengths. Arnold Machine’s team successfully integrated a pick and place system that could install a spade plate on each post after a cut. Every pick and place machine our team develops is carefully tailored for the needs of each client and is designed with the latest technologies available.

Our team will work closely with yours to establish the most cost-effective solution and help you determine requirements for various pain points such as:

  • Orientation
  • Cycle time
  • Distance
  • Speed

Arnold Machine can take the basic components of a pick and place machine and tailor them for simple or complex applications.

These basic components include an actuator that allows contact with a part that needs to be picked and a second actuator (typically a pneumatic cylinder), which helps to move the aforementioned part from point A to point B. In fact, we can develop anything from a prototype to a full fleet of machines.

Arnold Machine’s expert team can accommodate even the most unique specifications. For example, they have incorporated custom-designed pick and place machines into numerous automotive assembly systems when developing equipment for our automotive clients. Car parts tend to be intricate and thus require the accurate assembly of multiple parts so the desired component configuration is met.

When you need a pick and place machine.

A system could need something as simple as an air cylinder that drives a gripper back and forth or as complex as a servo driven machine that can orient a part in multiple positions over various distances.

One example of a complex solution was when Arnold Machine worked with a client who had a machine that performed multiple processes on one part. It required a pick and place machine that could transfer parts from their preceding processes to the next. Arnold Machine’s solution combined what could have been six separate machines where an operator would transfer parts from station to station into one.

Arnold Machine’s team constantly strives to find economical and practical solutions for clients. Due to this commitment, our clients know that Arnold Machine products display optimal performance that meet or exceed the toughest industry standards

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