3 Qualities of an Ideal Automation Partner

Automated systems address a full range of production problems, from correcting small difficulties in the process to enhancing productivity in an existing system in order to shorten timeframes.

When looking for a partner to design, manufacture, and install automation equipment, choosing the best automator is not a decision to take lightly. Building an efficient automation system requires expert proficiency in engineering, machining, fabrication, finishing, and more.

Whether you need to create a new system from scratch or improve your existing one, take care in choosing a partner who can best meet your goals. While every automation fabricator is unique, first-class automation technology partners typically display three distinctly important qualities: experience, knowledge, and client focus.

Familiar with processes: Your automator should be experienced enough to understand the difference between processes that should be automated and those that can remain manual.
Knowledgeable about tools: An effective partner will have a deep understanding of the tools and technologies associated with automation to help guide you through the process.
Committed to clients: The ideal automator understands how to plan a project by aligning an automation system to meet their customers’ specific business goals.

1. Experience
There is no time for trial and error; implementing an automation system requires experience in design, engineering, and construction. The ideal automation partner will have a strong track record of working with vision systems, motion controls, and advanced robotics — all while maintaining up-to-date equipment.

Ensuring that your prospective partner is a well-seasoned automator requires research. Check to see if their team includes experienced engineers and machinists, and if their facility utilizes the most cutting-edge equipment available. Investigate their past projects and case studies to see if their previous work came in on time and within budget, and if past clients were satisfied with their completed jobs. Experience in building exemplary automated systems is a strong indicator that they will excel at your project, too.

2. Knowledge
For automated system specialists, knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand. A good partner should understand all available tools and technology, making the most effective choices about which processes will best suit your application requirements— including which aspects of your project are best suited for automation and which are not.

A superior automation provider understands the latest trends in the industry, as well as the most advanced technology and software. They should be able to take on complex requirements while staying abreast of issues like workplace safety.

To ensure a potential partner’s performance capabilities, review their industry certifications, standards, and any awards they have received. Make sure they answer any questions or concerns you may have as completely as possible, especially regarding their automation expertise and recent track record. A knowledgeable partner should be able to answer you fully and without hesitation.

3. Client Focus
Partnering with an automation system specialist requires commitment. Prospective automators should demonstrate that they will assist you in developing and designing the most productive and efficient automation system available — regardless of size, scope, or complexity.

A client-focused partner will demonstrate a strong understanding of what you need as a customer, earning your trust that they will manufacture and install the best system possible. Communication is a vital part of this equation; always ensure that your prospective automator is transparent in your conversations. They should prioritize understanding your company’s goals and objectives, as this information lies at the heart of building a perfect automation system.

Arnold Machine: Excellence in Automation

At Arnold Machine, we recognize the importance of experience, knowledge, and commitment to our customers — we have strived to fulfill these qualities for the past 22 years.

Using cutting-edge materials to design every type of equipment, tooling, and automation system, our team of experienced engineers and technicians serves our customers through the development of robot integration, automotive assembly, and many other automation systems.

We prioritize our customers by providing attentive, respectful, and confidential service. By maintaining open communication with our clients from the beginning to the end of the process, we have developed a diverse customer base spanning from small businesses to Fortune 500 clients. Arnold Machine provides automated systems to every sector, including aerospace, chemical, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

For more information about how our team can develop a system as simple or complex as your application requires, contact us today.