PLC Equipment

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are industrial computers that are programmed to work in various manufacturing environments. They are the brains of a manufacturing operation that signal automated equipment to perform specific actions.

PLC Equipment Overview

The complexity of a manufacturing process dictates the power and intricacies of its PLC. As such, Arnold Machine chooses PLCs based on client requirements and processes. Most PLCs can communicate with other PLCs, which allows intricate systems to be linked together. PLCs also communicate with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to display information for process control and operation.

All PLCs are housed inside closed and sealed cabinets with an A/C unit for protection from their respective manufacturing environments. The enclosure can even be modified to handle outdoor environments.

Our Capabilities

Arnold Machine works with a manufacturer’s engineers to determine the process concept during the quoting phase. Once the needs of a full automation system are finalized, our electrical engineers develop its PLCs. They also suggest cost-effective options while considering client specifications.

For example, our team built a PLC controlled machine for an appliance manufacturer who approached our team to design, build and test an appliance balance ring fill and seal machine.

Our Services

While all our automated systems are programmed to reduce the risk of component breakage, should an unavoidable accident occur, our team can program recovery sequences into the system. Arnold Machine often has the ability to access a machine’s PLC after it has been installed in a client’s facility—if an issue should arise, our programmers can develop a solution right from our office.

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