Machine Guarding Safety Fence

Our machine guarding safety fencing protects operators from unsafe areas. Wire mesh or noise-reducing panels can be installed in the system so it meets your safety requirements. With design lead times of 3 - 5 days and target delivery of 5 – 7 days, Arnold Machine can quickly outfit your facility.

The Value Of Safety Fencing

Although there are a variety of safety options available, machine guarding safety fencing is a conveniently simple solution that can provide maximum protection during manufacturing processes. There are numerous benefits to installing safety fencing, the main two being: protecting your employees and equipment as well as maintaining peak production.

Safety fencing greatly increases operator safety by preventing access to dangerous areas during operation, which makes it a valuable addition to facilities within a broad range of industries. For example, our automotive clients generally require reliable electronic door switches that are integrated into the safety control of their cells as well as able to stop all motion if needed.

Convenient Installation And Effective Customizations

We are a proud integrator of the Quick-Guard® fencing system, which is an easy-to-install fencing system designed with both manufacturing floor safety and production in mind. In fact, we employ an advanced integrated seller model in which distributors sell fencing systems to users and our team is subsequently hired to fabricate and ship systems for installation.

Each safety fencing system is fully customizable and we use AutoCAD LT® 2D CAD software to specially tailor each component for your needs. The software also enables Arnold Machine to provide clients with full assembly drawings with meticulous layouts as well as details of the materials.

What You Get

Because each fencing system is created for your specific requirements, all necessary mounts, brackets and / or holes are already included in the complete fencing system. The brackets can be pre-mounted to allow the installation of any equipment your production facility may need, such as lockout mechanisms.

Additionally, all expansions can be easily accommodated because new configuration changes can be seamlessly integrated by moving existing panels and adding new ones or just removing unnecessary ones. Our team will work closely with yours to determine the most cost-effective solution for your needs and ensure that each system can be properly installed in your facility.

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