Motion Control and Servo Drive Systems

Motion control systems are ideal for complete part tracking and control and can improve consistency, reduce cycle times and protect operators. Arnold Machine is especially equipped to develop customized servo motor control systems that can accomplish speed adjustments and exact position monitoring.

Alternatively, our drive systems can control the speed, torque and direction of a motor, which helps clients retain complete control of a part. In addition, our industrial robots can be integrated into your facility to handle, assemble and / or transport parts between operations in unsafe conditions.

Servo Motion Control

One of Arnold Machine’s specialties is servo motor control systems, which are controlled systems that are typically made up of a servo motor, specific motor drive, programmable logic controller (PLC) and a touch screen operator interface.

Servo motor control systems are ideal for precise and adjustable motion control beyond what a variable frequency drive (VFD) can provide and specifically allow for speed adjustments (i.e., automated control of speed) in addition to exact position monitoring. The system enables significant control over a part’s motion while minimizing delays with the start and stop times associated with alternative systems.

Drive Systems

Drive systems bring about movement specifically in an engine or mechanical device. A typical drive system includes an electric AC motor linked to a VFD to allow for speed adjustment. A VFD is commonly used to control a pump, fan, blower or conveyor where speed is prioritized over positioning. Without a VFD, motor speeds are set by specifications on the motor and gearbox. These specifications determine the speed at which the output shaft of the gearbox rotates, which in turn determines the motor’s operating speed.

It should be noted that drive systems are incapable of position monitoring. If position monitoring is necessary for your operations, then a servo motor control system would be ideal.

Robotic Integration

Arnold Machine develops and implements systems that utilize robots to handle, assemble or transport parts from operation to operation. Industrial robots are best suited for unsafe environments where operation needs to be automated for safety. Robots are also beneficial for completing repetitive tasks that could wear on an operator as they often work faster and are extremely repeatable.

Because we specialize in the integration of Fanuc robots, particularly automated spray, material handling and assembly cell robots, our programmers are experienced with Fanuc software. Our programmers typically install a primary PLC and interface to control all processes.

All our motion control and servo drive systems are designed with the latest available technologies. Our team will closely work with yours to develop cost-effective options that increase safety and productivity.

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