Automated Vision Inspection Systems

An automated vision inspection system’s purpose can be as simple as detecting if a part is present to pinpointing minor defects. These systems are best employed when the shape or orientation of a part can make certain facets difficult to inspect with simple sensors. In short, a vision inspection system is needed to identify specific or multiple details.

Attributes Of An Effective Vision System

Successful automated vision inspection systems require a proper camera and optimal lighting for accuracy, which is why Arnold Machine has business relationships with vision systems manufacturers who can provide our team with the latest equipment for various applications.

Quality Assurance

Automated vision inspection systems are invaluable for quality assurance because they provide precise technical feedback regarding fault detection. Essentially, the system inspects parts for any defects, which could be as simple as a cosmetic flaw or serious enough to interfere with product performance and functionality.

Common Misconceptions

Remember that cameras do not operate like human eyes, so an adhesive bead that is simple for an operator to see will not always be seen by a camera. Furthermore, lighting greatly impacts the reliability of an automated vision inspection system, which is why Arnold Machine prioritizes controlling exposure near a station.

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