Enhancing Automotive Anti-Vibration Coating Operations:

Overcoming Integration Challenges and Boosting Efficiency with an Innovative Roll Coating System

 A key player in automotive anti-vibration manufacturing sought to improve their coating operations for rubber to metal bonded parts. Collaborating with Arnold Machine, they embarked on a project aimed at enhancing production efficiency.


  1. Integration of Two Systems: Merging separate systems into one meticulous planning and execution.
  2. High Production Rate: Meeting a processing requirement of one part every 1.25 seconds demanded innovative solutions and precise engineering.
  3. Feeding Mechanism: Designing an automated mechanism to handle varied parts at double the previous speed proved challenging.
  4. Paint Flow and Viscosity: Maintaining consistent paint application in an open atmosphere while ensuring quality presented difficulties.

Machine Solution/Function:

Adhesive Roll Coating System

The Adhesive Roll Coating System is meant for high volume production and has upwards of 100% transfer efficiency, allowing for minimal adhesive waste. The system design allows for one (1) operator to maintain.

The Adhesive Roll Coating System operates by:

  • Loading bulk parts into a powered tote dumper.
  • Transferring parts to a bulk hopper and elevating them on a conveyor.
  • Orienting parts onto spindle shafts using two separate loading mechanisms.
  • Passing parts through an oven and primer/top coat applicator wheels.
  • Verifying rotation with cameras.
  • Conveying coated parts to achieve desired temperature before unloading.
  • Removing defective parts with a pneumatic diverter.
  • Tracking coated parts with counting sensors for inventory management.


How End Product Helped Company:

The Roll Coating System boosted transfer efficiency, reduced labor dependency, and increased capacity for our customer, leading to improved reliability and productivity.

Results, ROI & Future Plans:

The system improved upon production goals and enhanced efficiency. Our customer plans to explore further collaborations with Arnold Machine and potential expansions based on successful continuous improvement efforts.