Automotive Manufacturer Gets Consistent Results with a Robotic Paint Spray Machine

Development And Design Of A Robotic Paint/Spray Machine For The Automotive Industry

The project highlighted here is an example of a system that was designed for a specific industry; however, its inherent flexibility makes it ideal for various unrelated industries. It was originally developed for the automotive industry; however, since its installation we have received various inquiries from other industries that use the same types of products. For example, we recently received a request from a manufacturer of oil field components in Houston, which needed a spray machine almost identical to one developed for the auto industry.


The 9913 Robotic Paint/Spray Machine utilizes advanced systems and robust design and materials to provide simple, consistent operations and results. The system works by an operator who loads parts that then travel through a preheated oven. Robotically the parts are spray painted while rotating to ensure even coverage. The system then dries the paint prior to returning them to the operator. The entire process is completed with a cycle time of 8-15 seconds for two parts depending on spray time and complexity. The system features an indexing system with the ability to run multiple part configurations and automatically changes the machine parameters to specific part recipes. In most cases, the part is inspected for primer prior to applying the top coat.

This system can be designed to spray water or solvent based materials such as adhesives and adhesive primers. In fact several versions of this system have been built for applying materials such as lord chemical primer and top coat adhesive for rubber-to-metal bonding applications.

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