Realizing potential savings with spray automation equipment

As a plant manager or engineer, cost is almost always near the top—if not on top—of your list of considerations. Whether preserving it or achieving it, cost efficiency is one of the highest priorities for a business. Cost savings can be achieved in some of the least expected processes and sources across the business, sometimes by making only a few tweaks.

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Spray systems are one such relatively unexpected source of cost savings.

Spray systems have a reputation as relatively simple processes. The combination of piping, liquid, pumps, and spray nozzles are rarely seen as complicated. In reality and practice, however, spray nozzles are highly precise components designed for yielding very specific performance under highly controlled and specific conditions. Due to the fact that spray systems have that “simplistic” reputation, the potential for cost savings within such a system is often overlooked.

Spray automation equipment can lead to significant cost savings in the following areas:

  • Paint — Automated spray systems use less paint than conventional spray systems.
  • Staff — Automated spray systems use less staff than manual spray systems, lowering labor costs.
  • Downtime — With automated spray systems requiring less hands-on attention from technicians, they can be freed up for other tasks.
  • Productivity — Automated spray systems are capable of producing far more parts with less manual attention than conventional spray systems.

Here are six ways that automated spray systems can lead to cost savings.

Maximum system efficiency
Many spray processes are automated, revolving around repetitive tasks. Arnold Machine’s automated spray systems are fully programmable, meaning repetitive tasks can be designated beforehand, freeing up manpower.

The system will also spray the part accurately, ensuring that all the paint attaches to the part itself, rather than being lost to the air or surrounding environment.

Low operation and maintenance costs
These systems keep costs low since only one machine can carry out a repetitive task, which saves time, and by extension, money. Automated spray systems can also eliminate the need for multiple technicians or specialists, since one machine can also carry out the work of multiple machines.

Excellent quality control
With an automated spray system, you also receive the added benefit of having one machine produce multiple parts with the same high level of quality, as machines rarely make mistakes.

With Arnold Machine’s automated spray systems, you can rest assured that you will always receive the same quality of spray on every part, every time.

Consistent cost of consumables
Automated spray systems run in the same pattern for every part. This allows you to anticipate exactly how much paint and other materials you will need every day for each part, and to plan or adjust your expenses accordingly.

Predictable labor costs
Being able to predict the expenses related to paint and raw materials used in automated spray systems also has other implications for your business.

By knowing how much you need to spend on parts and consumables, you can also predict the costs associated with labor, such as how many workers or technicians are needed to run the machine.

Normal maintenance schedules and no unexpected downtime
With a scheduled shutdown, you can reduce the amount of wear and deterioration on the machine, which by extension decreases any unexpected downtime, and allows the spray equipment to produce more parts.

At Arnold Machine, we are experts in fabricating and manufacturing the automated spray machines that will help you achieve high productivity and cost efficiency, all while promising an unparalleled level of quality. Arnold Machine will do it right, every time.

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