Custom Fence Post Automation System: Challenges Met, Expectations Exceeded

As industry leaders in custom automation systems, there’s nothing we love more than meeting the needs and challenges of our clients, and improving their businesses in the process. It’s this passion that helped us grow from a small custom machining and fabrication shop in 1994 to the nationwide provider we are today.

That’s why when our client, Nucor Steel, came to us in need of a fence post automation system, we were excited to take it on. When they first approached us, they produced one type of product—a non-painted, non-spaded post—and their requirements for a spaded, painted product meant they needed someone capable of making it for them, and doing it in a timely fashion. Their sales team was ready to sell the product, but the company couldn’t produce it.

Development of the Automation System

That’s where Arnold Machine came in. After closely reviewing their existing process and equipment, we came up with an initial concept and proposal for them, based on all of their specific requirements. These included: the ability to vary spade placement; the ability to change paint colors easily; bundle the spaded and non-spaded product in specific bundles and sub-bundles; switch from spaded to non-spaded product easily; operate the system in specified varying temperatures, and more.

Once the project was approved by the client, we began engineering, building it in multiple phases in our 50,000 square-foot facilities. Over three months, we shipped the equipment to their facilities in Utah, with the final shipment arriving only 12 months after the initial concept was proposed.

Fabrication and Assembly of the Automation System

Our staff was on-site at their facilities, carefully supervising the re-assembly of the system and initiating its start up. We spent six weeks there with them, making sure everything was perfectly executed.

In the end, we designed, built, and delivered a system that met their needs, exceeded their expectations, and allowed them to enhance their offerings. We were very happy to take part in this exciting project, and are proud of the machine our team built.