Automotive Seat Trim Relaxing Oven

Automation in Heat Processing

An automotive company located in Canada approached Arnold Machine to design, build, test, and install an automotive seat trim-relaxing oven. This project started with engineering work done in Solid Edge software by one of our mechanical engineers.


Using drawings and documentation of the parts with which the machine would work, design and development started for the machine. During this stage, materials were selected to match the specific requirements of the application – these included aluminum, structural steel, and stainless steel.

The manufacturing process utilized our state-of-the-art in-house capabilities in CNC machining, laser cutting, welding, and mechanical assembly to develop the machine. The finished machine was capable of heating the leather trim of automotive seats with instant-on infrared heat lamps to remove folds and creases.

During the assembly process, select steel components were treated using a black oxide process for enhanced corrosion resistance. The machine was then completely powder coated in preparation of painting before assembly.

The controls engineer worked closely with the client in the final stage of production to ensure the machine functioned exactly the way the customer anticipated. Once this process was completed, the finished machine was prepared for shipping. Finished measurements for the machine were:

  • Length – 12’
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 8’
  • Weight – 1,500 lbs
  • Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.0005”

From development to delivery of the finished oven took 10 weeks, with 6 to 10 ovens delivered over the course of a year. To fit the specific needs of our customer, we also met or exceeded all CSA/ESA standards.

Arnold Machine has worked closely with the automotive industry for years to provide automation systems and manufactured components that meet their strict standards and requirements for each application in which they are used. You can learn more about some of our other projects in this industry from the filter above or you can contact us today and ask to learn more about what we can do for you.