Appliance Ring Fill and Seal Machine

Automated Solution Leveraging Multiple Applications

An Ohio-based appliance manufacturer approached Arnold Machine to design, build, test, and install an appliance balance ring fill and seal machine. The customer came to us with a part and a process that needed to be completed. With this, we developed a fully automated machine that consisted of an indexing table, vacuum and fill station, pick and place operation for the seal cap, ultrasonic welder, and leak test and laser engraver.


The system would nest and clamp the part in the dial table and index to the vacuum fill station where the internal air is evacuated by vacuum and the ring is filled with damping fluid. The machine then indexes the ring to the ultrasonic welder. A seal cap is placed on the ring before the welder makes contact and seals the ring. The finished parts are then leak tested and laser marked with a date code and pass/fail status.

Utilizing a range of in-house capabilities, Arnold was able to develop a comprehensive solution for the client that met very specific needs outlined in their initial approach.

The following materials were used in the manufacturing of this machine: structural steel, aluminum, stainless steel, UHMW, Lexan™, and Delrin®. Additionally, the machine was finished with powder coating for the frame and guarding, and coatings for the machined parts. The finished machine measured:

  • Length – 12’
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 7’

This project was designed in Solid Edge with maximum production numbers, part quality, and operator comfort in mind. Our goal was to provide as complete a solution as possible for our client, which from order to delivery took 16 weeks.

You can learn more about the project by viewing the video below or you can contact us directly with any questions you might have about our manufacturing and automation systems services.