Washer Chemicals

To accompany our industrial parts washers, Arnold Machine offers high performance, innovative cleaning process solutions for a number of applications including Electronics Manufacturing, Metal Finishing and Advanced Packaging.

Our environmentally-friendly cleaners are specifically designed for use in any of our parts washers. With targeted cleaners for your most challenging jobs, we are certain to find a solution for your industrial cleaning needs. 

Browse our cleaning products below, or contact us to learn more. 

Aqueous Cleaners

Arnold All-Purpose Aqueous Cleaner 

ARNOLD All-Purpose Aqueous Cleaner is perfect for all spray cleaning and ultrasonic systems. ARNOLD All-Purpose Aqueous Cleaner is designed to clean a wide range of water-soluble and insoluble oils. It removes oils, grease, emulsions and lubricants used in metal industries.

  • This cleaner is great for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, chrome, steel, aluminum, hard metals and HSS parts.
  • The ARNOLD All-Purpose Cleaner contains corrosion inhibitors for steel to prevent flash corrosion.
  • Rinses clean for a spot-free, bright finish.
  • Used as a pre-wash of metals before coating for combined cleaning and coating systems prior to powder coating.
  • Low foaming qualities make it ideal for use in monorail type spray systems and high-pressure manual wash cleaning bays.

Arnold Heavy Duty All Metals Cleaner 

ARNOLD Heavy Duty All Metals Cleaner is designed for a heavy soil load. This cleaner is ideal for precision stamping operations and remanufacturing processes. ARNOLD Heavy Duty All Metals Cleaner removes oils and carbon from steel and aluminum parts without damage or discoloration. It rapidly splits oils from the cleaning solution and can be removed by coalescers or skimmers.

  • It contains corrosion inhibitors for aluminum and copper alloys and has been proven effective on Teflon stamping tubes for high speed, deep drawn fabricated parts.
  • ARNOLD Heavy Duty All Metals Cleaner is highly concentrated and provides an exceptionally long bath life for use in spray-in-air and rotary basket cleaning systems.

Cleaners with Corrosion Protection

Arnold Mild Alkaline Cleaner 

ARNOLD Mild Alkaline Cleaner is a mild alkaline, all metals aqueous cleaner with corrosion inhibitors to protect soft metals like aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. ARNOLD Mild Alkaline Cleaner provides cleaner parts with a cost effective cleaning operation. It is great for spray and immersion cleaning processes at low concentrations. Designed to remove machining oils, burned on carbon and other manufacturing soils from all types of metal substrates. ARNOLD Mild Alkaline Cleaner removes soluble and insoluble oils, tungsten carbide and other metals susceptible to chemical attack.

  • Non-emulsifying and oil splitting allows for longer bath life and reduced soil load in a charged bath.


Arnold Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner 

ARNOLD Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner is a high alkaline cleaning solution for spray and immersion cleaning processes for steel parts. It effectively removes water-insoluble oils, heavy grease, deep draw stamping compounds and heavily soiled components.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Arnold Rust Preventative 

ARNOLD Rust Preventative is a long-term, anti-oxidative blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors. It helps maintain a clean preservation process and does not leave behind an oily residue. This corrosion inhibitor does not contain soap.

  • ARNOLD Rust Preventative contains no chlorinated compounds, chromates or nitrates. It enables direct application of powder coat and oil-based coatings with no additional removal process.
  • Can be added to all rinse stages to prevent flash rusting.
  • Proven 90-day efficacy for indoor, non-air-conditioned storage.
  • Process optimization will be necessary.