Mechanical Engineer Team Lead

General: The Mechanical Engineering Team Lead will be responsible for leading the teams mechanical engineering staff in developing innovative automation machinery solutions. The Mechanical Engineering Team Lead will be the main technical resource for the mechanical engineering staff. This position requires individual performance while being a member of a cross functional team.

Workflow: The Mechanical Engineering Team Lead will report directly to the Engineering Manager while working closely with all Project Team Leads and Engineering Team Leads. The mechanical engineering staff will report to the Mechanical Engineering Team Lead.

Growth: The Mechanical Engineering Team Lead will assist with the development and training of new team members and work study students.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage the staff’s daily activities including conceptualize innovative solutions, review mechanical designs for “form, fit, and function” and ensuring technical documentation is up to date.
  • Provide technical reviews of designs including operator ergonomics, drive requirements and ratios, machine timing, actuator forces, pneumatic circuits, component material selection, component ease of manufacture, cost analysis, compliance to Customer standards, compliance to Company standards, and similar mechanical engineering activities.
  • Provide complete design packages to manufacturing.
  • Provide design support for engineering team projects as well as manufacturing and sales.
  • Assist the Engineering Manager in providing planning, scheduling, and reporting progress status of projects to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Continued pursuit of standardizing and streamlining departmental processes.
  • Mentor and consult staff on individual goal setting, monitoring progress and constructive feedback.
  • Create and manage the mechanical engineering training program.
  • Communicating company policies and objectives, ensuring accountability, and recruiting, hiring, and evaluating staff members.
  • Assist the Engineering Manager in forecasting technical resource requirements to meet Company commitments.
  • Ensure customer relations activities involving the department staff are acted upon timely and are conducted in a professional manner.
  • Recommend, implement, and maintain the mechanical engineering software.
  • Coordinate with Engineering Manager to cover for planned time off.

The Mechanical Engineering Team Lead will work in the Miami St. facility, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. This salary non-exempt position offers a competitive base and incentive plan in a dynamic working environment and a comprehensive benefits package including education assistance program, health insurance, profit sharing, and 401K. We are a growing company and encourage personal growth.